The Best Sort of King

I did not expect to find the next major emphasis about Jesus in the Psalms. I had been going through John to figure out who He was – but lo and behold, there was a Psalm all about Him!

Well, actually, it’s a Psalm about the King of Israel, written by Solomon, describing what the king should do and asking God to help him be all he should be.

But as I’ve looked at Solomon’s life in 1 Kings, I’m struck by how horrible a king he actually turned out to be. Sure, he had some good spots – building the Temple, of course. He was very wise. But he had some very bad spots – still worshiping at high places from the beginning, amassing horses and women as Deuteronomy prohibits. The words of this Psalm, though many may have applied to him at some point, certainly do not accurately describe his entire reign.

How disappointing – a king that sounded so promising, turned out to be quite the failure. Much like his father, David who had his own failings after a great start. And much like every other king of Israel.

Yes, much like most kings – big promises made, big promise in their character, big failings soon to follow. Such are all politicians – a fact highlighted as we entire a new presidential election season – er, or I should call it stinkfest. Hurling accusations and vitriol while promising greatness, our politicians will never cease to disappoint us upon taking office, no matter who they are or where they stand.

Oh where could we find a better ruler? Where can we find a leader who actually loves his people and leads well without compromising morals or mission? Where can we find a better king?

Well, I know a guy…

Better Than Solomon

Looking at Psalm 72, let’s see how Jesus compares…

  1. Judging people with righteousness and justice (vs. 2) – Jesus is God, thus wholly just (and holy just!).
  2. Helping the poor (vs. 4) – He did this throughout His ministry, day after day of healing! And He does it today, helping us poor wretched sinners.
  3. Rains on his people as on cut grass (vs. 6) – a beautiful image! Yes, Jesus does this for us every day!
  4. His enemies licking the dust and all nations giving Him homage (9, 11) – one day, Maranatha!
  5. Rescuing the poor, the afflicted, the needy (so many words describing us!) because He sees their lives as precious (12-14).
  6. True flourishing, abundance, and blessing in Him (15-17) – only Jesus has this!

God “alone does wonders” (vs. 18). Men like Solomon may seem to do great things and politicians today promise many “wonders,” but they all end up like the “wonderful” Wizard – a small man behind a curtain. Only Jesus lives up to the name “wonderful.”

He is full of glory. He is the best King ever.

So serve Him! As Psalm 2 says, “kiss” Him – pay homage to the King of kings!

All other kings and politicians disappoint – but Jesus will never!