I’m an Extension Cord


This post adapted from a workshop I gave as part of BJU’s Global Opportunities Week on Thursday, October 6, 2016.

I’m an extension cord.

Now, I admit – that’s not a terribly flattering thing to be compared to. I guess it depends on the extension cord, but most of the ones I know are some hideously ugly color (bright orange – really?) and are notoriously stubborn to untangle and finagle where you want them.

But I really do long to be an extension cord. In fact, it’s my life mission!

Extension cords are all about connection.

They connect something that needs power – say a lamp – to something that has all the power it needs – the electrical socket.

When you plug an extension cord into a lamp across the room and turn on the light, are you shocked that it works (pun intended)? Do you marvel at the power of the extension cord to transport all that power? Do you pat it on the back and congratulate it for being so awesome?

Not likely. Now, you may marvel at the beautiful Christmas lights that blink on when the extension cord is plugged in. But you never step back and marvel at that ugly orange cord running from the lights to the socket.

I am that ugly orange extension cord.

Christ is the electricity in the socket. He has all the power this world ever needs. He is the Sovereign Maker of the Universe – He is Omnipotent – He is God (oh and I’m not). What this world needs is more God and less me.

And so I want to be one way in which the world gets more of my awesome God.

There are many dark lamps in the world who cannot shine. They have no power and no way to get it. I want to come along and connect them to the power source that can transform them from “darkness to marvelous light” (1 Peter 2:9).

Just like the extension cord, no credit will go to me because none of the power comes from me. I’m simply connected to the power. And I simply want to share it.

My life mission is to be so connected to Christ that all who connect with me are connected to Christ.

This includes what I do on digital media – the point of this blog. When people add me on Facebook, I want to be so connected to Christ that in a sense, they’ve just added Him to their news feed. I want to be so deep in His power that when people meet me, they immediately sense the power of Christ flowing from me.

All I want to be a connector. I may be an ugly color and a bit hard to work with at times. But by God’s grace, I want to connect as many dark lamps to Him as I can – and watch His power light them up in marvelous transformation!