How Blessed

I strive to write a Thanksgiving poem each year. This year though, I’ve been writing quite a bit of poetry through the Psalms, and a couple weeks ago wrote one on Psalm 32 that I think gets at the core of what I’m thankful for this year – forgiveness.

I don’t know what your year was like – horribly exciting or terribly boring. Either way, even if you don’t feel like you have much to thank God for, you have forgiveness and the gospel – and that’s reason enough to praise forevermore! We are blessed…

How Blessed (Psalm 32)

How blessed it is to be forgiven,

How awesome to be justified,

For now our sins have been all driven

Through Jesus who for us has died.

How painful is the path of sinning,

How dark and dismal is that place.

For sin sends our hearts downward spinning

But down and down reaches His grace.

How great it is – my sin is covered!

How wonderful to share it all.

For all my sin’s to Him uncovered,

Forgiveness now for every fall.

How thankful should forgiven ones be,

How tender to His plans and pulls.

For His great love is all around us –

Surrender to His lead and will.

How joyful now we shout and sing out,

How glad our hearts to rest in Christ.

For in Him we can hide from all doubt

So confident He’s paid sin’s price.

My Soul Waits


Based on Psalm 33:20-22:

My soul waits upon the Lord,

When the world tempts me to yield,

When the flesh wields its sharp sword,

He will be my help and shield.

My heart shall rejoice in God,

When my life seems so unjust,

When my enemies defraud,

In His holy name, I’ll trust.

My life shall be mercy-filled,

When I seem so full of sin,

When I’m overcome by guilt,

I will place my hope in Him.