Making Change

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“I’ll never change!”

“People don’t really change.”

“If you expect to change him when you get married, you got another thought coming!”

If you’ve said things like that, this blog series is for you. Not because I am such a great author or have all the answers. That’s exactly the point—I don’t have the answers at all. I can’t change people. I can’t work miracles or transform lives—turn people from destructive habits or lifestyles. That’s not in my job description—I’m just a lowly blogger.

But guess what? There is one person who has that job. Call Him the Change-Maker. He can indeed work miracles. He can transform lives—He’s done it a thousand…a million times!

You see, you can’t change yourself, much less change another person. You can try. You can work really hard with classes and help groups. And sure, maybe you’ll change some externals. You’ll stop some habits. Maybe you’ll work on a bad character trait—your New Years Resolutions may, miraculously, last longer than January. You may even lose some weight!

But you can never change who you really are. You can’t change the core “you.” Nor can you truly change your spouse, your kids, your annoying neighbor, or your crying baby (unless you mean changing diapers). There’s only one person who can make change…the Change-Maker.

It’s true what the trolls say—“People don’t really change.”

It’s also true what the Gospel of Mark says—“Christ changes people.”

So grab a Bible and go to that beloved Gospel. Because in its pages, you’ll find a wonderful—true—story about a Man. Someone that Mark likes to present as the “Servant.” It’s a story of action and adventure. A story full of weak and weary people in a place called Palestine. Sick people. Demon-possessed people. People with bad habits. People with pain. People with family problems. People like you and me.

Oh, and one other person—Jesus the Messiah—the Change-Maker.

Mark, the writer, was either the John Mark talked about in Acts that followed Paul and Barnabas or perhaps a different Mark that we know very little about. Either way, this Mark is apparently a close associate and assistant of the Apostle Peter. Aha, there’s another main character in this story. Peter. Such an everyday, somewhat-dim-witted guy. But by the time he’s telling this story for Mark to write down, he’s likely in Rome, either in prison or at least under persecution, and…changed. This story—perhaps the first Gospel to be written—contains Peter’s reflections on his interactions with the Change-Maker. Mark wrote down Peter’s words for you and me—everyday “gentiles” (non-Jews) who can enter into the customs of a backwater province of the Roman Empire and behold a Man so unlike the rest of us. A Man Who can change the most stubborn of sinners.

A Man who can make change…in you.

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