God of Storms

Weather is a funny thing. It makes dumb smalltalk but boy howdy, does it change things. Even the most powerful person on earth can’t do anything about the weather. The President planned a big 4th of July celebration – yet even he could not hold off the rain.

That’s what makes Psalm 29 so glorious – it’s a whole Psalm about a thunderstorm rolling into ancient Judea, starting in the cedar-full Lebanon with its tall mountains and rolling down to the wilderness. And all along the way, it splinters trees, scares deer into giving birth, shakes mountains. But it’s not just the storm – the Psalmist says it is the “voice of God” doing this.

What’s more is that it’s not just this one local thunderstorm. God was even over “the Flood,” writes the Psalmist – arguably the biggest storm ever to shake this world!

God is sovereign over storms.

You know what human figure was also sovereign over storms? Who calmed storms? Who walked on the water of a raging sea?

Jesus. He is God – His power over storms just proves that all the more.

So why should we be afraid of storms – whether literal or figurative – in our lives? God was sovereign over the Flood. God was sovereign over the worst storm of His Son’s death where His powerful wrath was poured out on Christ and not on us. He does not storm against us any longer – we are forgiven.

We now get to sit back, watch the storm, and say, “Glory!”

I hear the thunder rolling in;

It takes from sea and dumps on land. 

Its blasting mouth makes cedars thin

And shakes so hard the mount can’t stand.

It flashes fire and sends out wind;

It rips down south and drenches sand,

Instilling fear in deer and men –

All shock and awe its voice demands.

This the same pow’r from way back when,

When Noah’s Flood o’er all dry land

Had raged and rose as rain descends.

And sinners drowned by sovereign hand.

Now every time it storms again,

We think upon a King so grand – 

A King who’s just, can’t look on sin.

A King who does all that He planned.

When thunder rolls, His voice within

Sits o’er the jagged lightning bands.

His voice breaks forth; the trees it rends;

And we cry out as it commands,

“All glory to this King!” We bend

And bow like angels at Your hand.

You’re holy – yet to us You send

Your strength, Your peace, Our God so grand.

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