The Most Interesting Person

What is the most interesting thing you saw this week? What caught your attention? What took your breath away? What captivated your mind and you just couldn’t get over it?

The Netflix show you’ve been binging? The start of college football and that first game? That riveting book you can’t put down?

Maybe you’re more introspective than that and you’d say – the sunset, this biography, this in-depth article.

But I bet (if you’re like me) you did not think of this – Jesus.

Bored with God

You “see” Jesus every week. You interact with the Gospel every day. It’s old news. It’s nothing new.

We’d never say that…but when pressed, our fleshly minds would admit to thinking that way, even if subconsciously. We know we’re thinking like that when we’re so excited to get home to watch another episode but so unmotivated to open the Word. When we’re latched-onto the screen at the game but doodling through the sermon.

We’ve lost our sense of what is truly interesting. We’ve been so over-interested, over-excited, over-indulged in spectacle that we can’t see the greatest spectacle of all.

That was Tony Reinke’s point in his new book, Competing Spectacles. In our digital age full of screens and sensuality, we’ve lost our interest for what is truly interesting. He submits that the greatest spectacle of all time is the story of redemption.

Jesus is the most interesting person of all time. Yes, He is the wisest, but He is also the most riveting, most enlightening, most jaw-dropping. Any serious study of His life (without half-reading it over yawns and cereal) would have to admit that, just simply in the things He does and says.

But even more than His life, His death and resurrection provide the most interesting event in history. And our calendars prove it, even if our interest levels don’t. The biggest days of the year are Christmas and Easter still (okay, well, maybe Black Friday and the First Day of School nowadays).

God Made Man

When was the last time you marveled at the fact that God became a man? I admit, it had been a while for me. But when I was challenged at how ridiculous that sounded – God to have to go to sleep, get hungry and thirsty, yawn, eat, and feel sick and weak – I realized the wonder of it. God became a man! That sentence, if any, deserves an exclamation mark, even if you’ve read it a million times.

Jesus is God. Jesus is man. Jesus died for you.

If you skipped over those three sentences because you know them already, reread them. Embrace them. Drink them deeply. And say it aloud. How ridiculous you sound – God becoming a man! How glorious for you and me you sound – God became a man for us!

Jesus is more interesting, more compelling, more exciting than any Netflix show, football game, book, sunset, YouTube video, webcomic, board game, etc., etc.

He is the most interesting of all.

Do you believe that? Do you live like it?

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