Five Apps for Devotions




In today’s digital age, we really don’t have an excuse for not reading the Bible regularly.

Maybe that sentence strikes you as odd. Isn’t it because our age is so digital with so much to do and so many distractions that we have an excuse for not finding time for devotions?

Nope. Because the Lord has given the church a blessing buried in the midst of the technological busyness.

Apps that can aid our time with Him.

You can either let technology drive you away from the Bible or you can let it drive you toward the Bible.

Here are five suggested apps to help in your regular Bible meditation:

  1. unnamed-1ECHO. Do you feel like you tell people you’ll pray for their heavy need and then promptly forget it? Use your iPhone that you’re carrying around anyway to make sure you don’t forget your brother’s burden. Simply pull up this app and plug the name of the person and their request. Then set up notifications on your phone to have the app remind you to pray at certain times. During your devotions, pull up the app and press “Pray Now.” Requests will come randomized that you can pray through.
  2. yv-logoYouVersion. Perhaps the first app you should download when you get a new phone – it even looks like a Bible! Besides being a great app to use to read the Bible wherever you are, it can also be a great resource for short devotionals, accountability (you can add friends just like Facebook!), and highlighting verses you want to reference later. But my favorite function of this app is at the bottom center – the “Play” button. It’s only available for some versions (like KJV and ESV), but it’s extremely helpful as a supplement to your devotions. On your way to work or on a run, after a good time in the Word, you can pull up that chapter you read and listen to it once more. Repetition aids learning, especially if you’re an auditory learner.
  3. unnamedSpotify. Maybe this one comes as a shock to you. But godly music can be a great part of devotions. Spotify is great because it allows you to find any song and listen to it, along with a shuffled collection of similar songs. For instance, I often hear a song we sang together in Sunday worship, and I’ll look it up on Spotify. If I like it enough, I’ll buy it. No matter which, I find that listening to good, godly music uplifts my soul – especially if the lyrics are rooted in Scriptural truth.
  4. bhcoverBible Hub. This is an oft-neglected but great resource in both app and browser form. Reading a passage you don’t understand? Pull up this app, punch the passage in, and read it in a host of different versions. Then scroll down to consult some classic commentaries. Still confused? Look at the passage in Greek! Best of all, it’s completely free!
  5. downloadPower Off. Okay, this isn’t an app. Rather, it’s the absence of apps. Simply hold down the lock button and slide to turn it off. It’s really quite easy – but it’s very hard to do. Text messages, emails, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, the world beyond – they call to us from that small little screen. But if you’re really serious about devotions and getting quiet time with God, you will prioritize undistracted fellowship with your Creator. And getting texts every second won’t be as important to you as getting messages from the Almighty God. So turn that phone off, get an old-fashioned paper copy of the Word, grab some coffee if needed, and dive deep.

Make devotions a priority. So much so that it dictates what apps are on your phones…or when your phone is on at all.


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