Just Mercy

the fall of man

Based on Genesis 3:

What am I but just the dust

That stains each place I touch?

Who am I–a slave of lust

Who loves the sin I clutch.

Rioter who hates the laws

God put there for my good.

Villain for the rebel cause–

His good plan I’ve withstood.

Tree forbidden I embraced

And boldly ate the fruit.

With one bite I knew sin’s taste

And death in me took root.

“You will die!” the Just decreed,

But something stayed His hand.

“One day,” He said, “You’ll be free–

Begin the rescue plan!”

Step by step redemption’s staged

Against a set so black.

Eden’s Fall stains every page

But Mercy’s fighting back.

Kings and prophets disappoint

Until the Just appears.

“Here’s the One that I appoint

To wipe your record clear.”

Calvary’s Hill now marks the place

Where Mercy’s climax’s set.

Bloody beams on which He’s braced

Show just how great our debt.

Day by day we should’ve died

A punishment that’s right.

But to Christ that death’s applied

And Mercy wins the fight.

Mercy for the undeserved

That breaks with each new dawn.

Sudden death I should be served,

But guilty verdict’s gone!

Mercy for my rebel soul

That’s draws unworthy breath.

Every act the play unfolds:

The Just died for my death.



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