New Leaf


Keep Calm and Read a Modern Psalm Based on 2 Corinthians 5:17:

I look around. I see the change.

The leaves once dull now look enraged.

The red and orange drive back the green.

The fall has come—that’s what this means!

And that’s the time—we all know well—

That summer sheds its leafy shell.

The world has changed with each leaf drop,

For forest has a clothing swap!

And you could say with sure belief

That our world has turned o’er new leaf.

I wonder if, on seeing me,

Someone could see a transforming?

Have I changed as much in this day

As tree whose leaves did fall away?

The Bible says—behold, it’s true—

That man in Christ has been made new.

The old is gone—it’s passed away.

And new has come—and come to stay!

But am I living that belief

That I have really turned o’er new leaf?

Christ came and died and dealt with sin,

So my life could begin again.

He took a thankless wretch so dead

And made him new with Hands that bled.

And as I bathed in His Blood’s stream,

I found that I had come out clean.

And I have changed—a new creature

He remade me in each feature.

And now I must live out belief

That He in me turned o’er new leaf.

-Matthew W., SC


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