The Fall


Keep Calm and Read a Modern Psalm Based on Isaiah 64:6:

The Fall

As the leaf falls from the tree,

And on the wind is carried free

From all it knew up there so high—

Now it’s sailing through the sky!

Loop-de-loop it swirls and glides

Along the road it darts and slides,

Dodging the wheels hurtling through,

Off to some Thanksgiving hullabaloo.

They don’t see the leaves that fled

Before their van with colors red.

In their rush they could not think

That between them and leaf there is a link.

For as the leaf falls from the sky,

Bidding all it knew goodbye,

So should we all from ourselves detach,

And fall to the One Who won’t fail to catch.

Free and flying, we’re dead to sin,

Jesus Christ—O, fall before Him.

And worship the One Who made a way

For sinners like us to fly away

From the tree of selfish pride

To the One Who for us died.

Wrinkling and rotting are no more,

Now I fall on Him to adore.

O motley leaf that clings to tree,

Don’t you know I’ve been set free?

I’ve left the tree of death behind,

All dirty rags, and sins that bind,

I once was fading like a leaf,

Now in Christ I’ve placed belief.

Born along the wind of Love

I’m carried up and up above.

This Thanksgiving—a perfect day

Let’s worship the One Who fully paid

For a fading leaf to be freed from hell,

And with vibrant colors, our world, let’s tell.

-Matthew W., SC


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