Oh Thank-Filled Day



Keep Calm and Read a Modern Psalm:

Oh Thank-Filled Day

I sinned again, and sinned again,

And sinned and sinned and sinned.

Yet He forgave again, and loves within,

With a love that never ends.

It doesn’t matter how many times

I sin and sin and sin–

He still forgives my many crimes

If I confess to Him.

Yes, His own Son gave His life

To pardon my iniquity,

And, oh, He faced such terrible strife

With a death so contradictory.

Why should He pay the awful price

And I go completely free?

Surely mine was the ever-present vice–

I should have died on that Tree.

But, no, He loves me beyond, abundantly

Though I live ignoring Him.

Yes, He loves me so incredibly,

Full knowing I’ll sin again.

So though I could live this thank-filled day

Without a thought of Christ, my Lord,

Yet it was His Love that paved my way

And gave me much to thank Him for.

-Matthew W., SC


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