The Thing I’m Most Thankful For


Keep Calm and Read a Modern Psalm:

My poetry days all began when I decided to write a poem for our church four years ago this Thanksgiving. Ever since then, I’ve written a poem for the Thanksgiving season. On the next four Fridays, leading up to Thanksgiving, I will post those poems as our “Modern Psalms” (I know, it’s been awhile), starting with the oldest and moving until we get to the new one for this year. Here’s the original one:

Dear Lord, I can thank You for much—

For houses and parents and teachers and such.

I could spend all eternity just praising you for

My country, my freedom, my school, and much more.

And though I am thankful for these above measure,

There is Someone worth praising that’s my greatest Treasure.

He saved me and bought me and healed me within

Even though I forsake Him and frequently sin.

He gave up all Heaven just so I could be

Spotless and righteous, by His death on a tree.

So, Lord, though my blessings are certainly not few,

The thing I’m most thankful for would have to be You.

-Matthew  W., SC


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