Keep Calm and Read a Psalm 119:14:

“I have rejoiced in the way of Your testimonies,
As much as in all riches.”

Have you ever been walking down the street and lo, and behold, there lies a crispy Ben Franklin. Now, I’m not talking about the late great inventor, because he would certainly not be crispy (although by this point, he might be—ew). I’m talking about the little green slip that excites every facet of your faceted face (the $100 bill, in case you didn’t get it yet—huh?). How excited will you be? Perhaps you’re on your way home, where you’ll be greeted by fourteen dogs, a half a cat (the rest of it was dinner last night), a wife, and twelve kids. You don’t have enough money to get a decent dinner (hence, the cat casserole), so you’re overjoyed at your new fortune.

Let’s say you are poor. Let’s say you’re a college student. But I repeat myself. You find Mr. Ben and jump up and down. Salvation at last! Now, you can eat something besides the Styrofoam Ramen cup. You can unhitch the horse from the front of your car and put some gas in it. You can buy your girlfriend some roses instead of a bouquet of crabgrass.

Or, maybe you’re just a normal person, with a decent amount of money. But you’re still excited to find a hundred bucks—I mean, who wouldn’t be! I’m pretty sure you could think of something to do with it—if you haven’t already! Maybe fifteen pumpkin lattes (just for yourself, duh!) or a new iPhone case (has to fit the new one!). We all have things we’d like to buy, but can’t with our current capital.

In the expansive Psalm 119, today’s verse just struck me like the lightning on Ben’s kite. Amidst the swirl of verses dealing with the Psalmist’s dedication to God’s Word, this one just jumped off the page and hit me over the head with a shovel. The Psalmist says he rejoiced—yes, he found supreme joy and greatest happiness—where? In the way of God’s testimonies (another synonym for God’s Word). And he found as much joy there as he would if he had all riches. All the wealth in the world would not make him rejoice one bit more than following God.

“The way of Your testimonies”—the journey God has called us all on, following the instructions of His perfect Word. He has a sovereign plan for your life. It’s not an easy path, no. It’s filled with dangers and disasters—and let me tell you, it’s not in your comfort zone. But that’s okay, because it’s the way that God’s Word shows us. The way that is ultimately blessed.

Yes, that’s the way that excites the Psalmist as much as if he were the heir of Bill Gates. He jumps up and down at the thought of doing what God commands Him to do—as much as he would if he won the Publisher’s Clearing House. A huge smiles spreads across His face as he considers how He can obey God—a wider smile than if he were considering how to spend his lottery money. How contrary to the way we think!

We groan when thinking of having to deny ourselves. We complain about all the “rules” of Christianity. We grumble at the thought of giving our lives over to the Christ Who died for us. How stupid of us. Instead of complaining, we should be shouting, “Epic! I get to follow God’s way!”

Do it. Party in God’s plan. Have a blast in the Bible. What a privilege that God has a perfect plan for our lives that we can follow—one we can find in His Word. What a cause for rejoicing…

Sorry, Mr. Ben. You’re as dull as an eight o-clock class compared to the crazy excitement of God’s journey for my life. Woot-Woot!

-Matthew W., SC


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