My Son

Keep Calm and Read a Modern Psalm Based on Luke 15:11-32:

Lord, of my sin I am ashamed.
I feel worthless and dead.
My lust and lies are so untamed.
Of vice I can’t be rid.
Like prodigal I’ve spent it all.
Regret is all that’s left.
To eat pig’s muck I’m not appalled.
Of joy I am bereft.

If You give grace, then give it now!
For Your glory, I’ll come!
For I deserve to eat with sows,
But back to You I’ll run.

Lord, I am so undeserving
To still be called Your son.
But when I come, I’m bowing,
Your servant to become.
Yet as I enter Your eye’s view,
With joy You run toward me.
You welcome me with love anew—
“My son!” You still call me.

“I’ll give you grace—how sweet that sound!
I’ll give glory, my son!
Though you deserve to see my frown
In Christ your sin is done.”

We all are prodigals in heart,
Though Christ has saved our sin.
“Prone to wander,” we play that part
And stumble far from Him.
Undeserving—Oh yes! It’s true.
But when we turn again,
He runs toward us and makes us new
And pardons all our sin.

God gives us grace—so take it now!
God gives glory—so come!
As unworthy, before Him bow
And hear Him call, “My son!”

-Matthew W., SC


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