A Prayer

Keep Calm and Read a Modern Psalm Based on Mark 9:24:

My life looks just fine: I sing all the songs,
I say the right things and make right my wrongs.
I pray every day, I read Your Word,
I’m giving heed to the sermons I’ve heard,
I serve at church, and my money I give;
A life that honors You I seek to live!
I’m far from perfect and too often fail
But by Your grace and strength growth does prevail.

Yet, many questions burn within my mind:
Am I truly content–or just resigned?
Am I chasing or resenting Your will?
Am I doing nothing–or being still?
Is my soul in peaceful rest–or asleep?
From what I sow today, what will I reap?
What are the reasons behind what I do?
Am I waiting for something–or for You?

My head well knows what my answers should be;
I’ve seen firsthand how much You care for me.
You’ve forgiven me all my sinful deeds
And always provided for all my needs.
I know that I am abundantly blessed,
I know You have a purpose for each test.
I know You love me and will never change;
You’re good, even when life is hard and strange.

Even so, doubt always seems to find a way
To make me question what I know each day.
“You sure that’s true?” “Did God really say that?”
Thoughts like these sap my joy, knock me down flat.
Worse still, I try to live life on my own;
I cast You aside and usurp Your throne.
I rebel against Your perfect design
Then wonder at my peace and joy’s decline!

I may look fine, but I’m foolish and proud.
I am nothing when not before You bowed.
Lord, please help me live what I believe;
Let me not give Your Spirit cause to grieve.
Let my life reflect what I know is true.
When people see me, let Your Son shine through.
May all I do be done for Your glory;
Make Yourself famous through my life’s story.

-Nate W., SC

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