Psalm 2014

Keep Calm and Read a Modern Psalm Based on Hebrews 12:3:

I must confess I’m at a loss,
I don’t know what to do.
I think I see an open door
And try to run on through,
But then the door slams in my face.
I’m left out in the cold.
I guess perhaps that’s what I get
For trying to be bold.

Consistently I try to seek
The choices You would make;
It seems to me that all I find
Is more and more heartbreak.
My pain is great, my joy is gone,
I cannot find my cheer,
Because no matter what I do
I always end up here:

Just racing toward a red light,
Running into a wall.
Every time I think I stand
I find I promptly fall.
I may still walk and talk and breathe,
But inside I feel dead.
Though I thought it impossible,
I still have tears to shed.

I cry until my eyes are sore,
I toss and turn all night.
I pour my heart’s cry out to You;
I scold you for my plight;
I tell You that You’re doing wrong,
And messing up my life.
I demand that You change Your plan
And quickly end my strife.

I finally run out of words,
And hear the lack of sound.
I wish quiet could seep inside,
But peace cannot be found–
Until Your Spirit brings to mind
Your truths I’d buried deep.
Then not from rage or self-pity
But guilt and shame I weep.

How can I question You, my God?
You never break Your Word.
All my greatest sorrows and pain
Are less than You endured.
You always do what’s best for me;
You never lead astray.
Whenever I turn back to You
You never turn away.

You keep me walking in Your light;
You help me scale each wall;
You give me the strength to stand;
You catch me when I fall.
In You I walk and talk and breathe;
Without You, I am dead.
You did what seemed impossible:
For me Your blood You shed.

-Nate W., SC

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