The Son

Keep Calm and Read a Modern Psalm Based on John 19-21:

The Son

He came down.
Had such renown.
One day tested
When He was arrested.
He was accused
And terribly bruised.
They led Him away
Through howling fray.
The crowd was fierce
As He was pierced.
Nailed to a cross
In such chaos.
He was accursed
As tongue did thirst.
His blood flowed.
His heart slowed.
The veil was ripped
And opened the crypt.
The earth shook,
His clothes they took.
The Sun did hide
As the Son died.
He was entombed,
His life consumed.
His friends wept
While earth slept.
The Sun came up,
The Son got up.
The stone rolled.
The women told.
The denier ran
And clothes he scanned.
The door was locked.
A voice did shock.
“Peace to you!”
Death He slew!
He was alive!
A hope revived!
“You follow Me,
A martyr be.”
As He did send,
Even to the end.
A brand new mission,
In Resurrection.
If Sun not seen
This Son still redeems
He’ll never leave us,
This Man called Jesus.

-Matthew W., SC

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