With Me

Keep Calm and Read a Modern Psalm Based on Isaiah 41:10:
For those of you who don’t know, my Grammie has been going through intense health battles. We thought she may have been on the road to recovery, but a few days ago the doctor reported she only had a few days left to live. After all this fighting and struggle, her body was finally ready to release her soul to eternity. The road of full recovery is out of reach. Now she’s on the road of full redemption. As the awesome timing of God would have it, I was inspired to compose a poem in her honor several months ago when her health begin to take a turn for the worse. My father asked her what passage has been most encouraging to her in this hard time, and she said Isaiah 41:10:
Fear not, for I am with you;
Be not dismayed, for I am your God.
I will strengthen you,
Yes, I will help you,
I will uphold you with My righteous right hand.

What an awesome verse. I took the thoughts from the verse, combined them with some memories from her life, and put it in a poem as if God is speaking to her. Then, I asked a talented friend to put it to music. He graciously cut down the lyrics and composed a beautiful tune. I had it recorded with the help of some other great friends and had just sent it out to her to listen to when this sudden news hit. The timing could only have been God’s. My dad was able to play her the song a few days ago. It’s one of the last songs she’ll ever here–how cool is it to think she’s hearing these words of men as if from the mouth of God, but pretty soon she’ll hear words from the mouth of God Himself!

Grammie, I love you so much. You’ve been such an inspiration. No one can understand your pain but the One Who was with you through it all. I hope this feeble poem captures the heart of your faith in your Savior, Whom you will soon see face-to-face.

Here’s the original poem: With Me: 
With you there seems to be no hope.
With you there is such strain.
You find yourself at end of rope
And struggle in the rain.
With you there is a mighty mess.
With you there is a flood.
You find the problem getting worse
And stumble in the mud.

But, O My Child, beside you stands
The Son I gave for you.
The sun shines through His sin-pierced Hand
Bright’ning your darkened view.
With Me you need not be afraid.
With Me your help is planned.
There is no cause to be dismayed.
With you I’ll ever stand.

With you is unexpected death.
With you there’s life’s abuse.
You find your life is but a breath
With memories you didn’t choose.
With you are things too much to bear.
With you are friends too few.
You find yourself with hate to spare
And love that isn’t true.

But, O My Child, am I not God,
The One Who brought you here?
I saved you with My sin-pierced Hand—
I gave my Son so dear.
With Me you’ll find a Hand that holds.
With me you’ll find the right.
There is no enemy too bold.
With you I’ll ever fight.

With you is very little peace.
With you is fading pow’r.
You find the pain will never cease
And long for health each hour.
With you there is no strength ahead.
With you the storm will roar.
You find yourself on painful bed
And long for something more.

But, O My Child, can you not see
The One Who’s reaching out?
He grabs you with His sin-pierced Hand
And whispers o’er pain’s shout,
“With Me you’ll find the strength to shine.
With Me you’ll find your God.
Come walk with me, with hand in mine.
With you I’ve ever trod.

With you the trial intensifies.
With you the fires rage.
You find in heart there’s only sighs
And cry within the cage.
With you is final, fleeting breath.
With you the end’s in sight.
You find yourself in depths of death
And see your pain take flight.

And, O My Child, I welcome you
To place beyond the trial—
The place from which My sin-pierced hand
Upheld you every mile.
With Me is everything made new.
With Me the desert springs.
Come see the One Who never left you.
With Me you’ll ever be.

-Matthew W., SC


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