Anywhere But Here

Keep Calm and Read a Modern Psalm Based on Philippians 4:4:

Here. It’s where I am. My soul aches,
My tired mind hurts, and my heart breaks.
This time of life, my thoughts, this place—
These all compose the “here” I face,
Here there’s sorrow, loss, fear, and shame;
There’s fatigue, failure, sin, and blame.
Having shed so many a tear
I long for anywhere but here.

Sometimes I sit, and think, and dream
Of other times and places I deem
To be far better than where I am
Although I know it’s all a sham.
In dreams, I always do what’s right,
My body’s strong, and my burden’s light.
My dreams let me forget my fear
And take me anywhere but here.

Sometimes my refuge is the screen
Where the impossible is seen,
From talking dogs and flying cars
To fairy queens and walking stars.
On it, happy endings abound;
Good guys win and the lost get found.
It shows me worlds both far and near
And takes me anywhere but here.

Sometimes solace is found in books,
Epic tales read in quiet nooks.
They paint pictures inside my head
Of towers, trees, and banners red;
Of heroes, villains, awesome deeds,
Mighty dragons, and swiftest steeds.
When into those pages I peer
They take me anywhere but here.

Sometimes music is where I seek
To find reprieve throughout the week.
I let each note draw me away
Although I know I cannot stay.
From soaring heights and rumbling lows
To songs of triumph over foes
The music falls upon my ear
And takes me anywhere but here.

Yet—“here” is where God takes my pain
And somehow turns it into gain.
Behind each tear there is a plan:
God’s finishing what He began.
Here is where I must be to grow,
And even when I’m feeling low,
Since He’ll help me to persevere
I won’t go anywhere but here.

-Nate W., SC

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