The Nest

Keep Calm and Read a Modern Psalm Based on Ephesians 6:1-4:

God created all the world,
All creatures, all flocks, all herds.
But of all the creatures He did make,
The most peculiar are the birds—
They wing, they soar, they sing their songs,
Which herald the coming spring,
But they also do one other thing,
Which of their Creator rings;
Instinct is what it is—
And makes all people wonder
How could they so wondrously do this,
Without a fail or blunder?
It was God Who blessed them with strong wisdom,
and gave them a passion for it.
He created them in just the right way,
so they can easily endure it.

They weave, they bundle, they sow together,
They brave all drear and toil.
For they must fashion it just perfect,
For a foe could too easily spoil
Their masterpiece—a work of art—
And just what is it, you say?
Why, something we humans have as well,
Just not out of sticks or hay.
But really, was it not our God,
Who created this thing of love?
Then how much more should we honor this thing—
A thing from our God Above?
Too often children fuss at parents,
Too often we show little respect,
Too often we forget the blessing of the thing
We so easily neglect.
Appreciate it—we hardly do,
But if we, for a moment,
Would just consider these creatures
Who craft a thing so potent.

What is it that they build?
What is it that they make?
What but a nest, a crude little house!
But God made no mistake
When he programmed the birds with a desire
To search and seek and spend
All for a little thing of mud—
But something to defend.
The eggs lay here, but there’s something more
That lies within its frame,
Something that glories not in itself,
Not in wealth, popularity, or fame.
The love of parents, the care of mothers,
A father’s gentle hand–
‘Tis a natural love, enduring,
One without an end.
If God created the birds
With a desire to build a nest,
How much more will a home made by love
Be by Him eternally blest.
The birds make nests, they make their homes,
Of earth, of clay, of sod,
Yet it’s our parents who make a greater nest,
A Family created by God.

-Matthew W., SC

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