Still Good

Keep Calm and Read a Modern Psalm Based on Psalm 23:6:

“God is always good” – this I know
Because the Bible tells me so.
It’s a truth found throughout the Word
And oft in songs and sermons heard.
It’s really easy to believe
When I’m without a cause to grieve.
But when nothing goes as it “should,”
I sometimes doubt. Are You still good?

When my good health to sickness turns;
When my body is racked with burns;
When I’m bruised and my muscles ache;
When my eyes grow dim and bones break;
When limbs are stiff and my strength fails;
When my teeth rot and my skin pales;
And when I can’t do what I could,
I have to ask: are You still good?

When ones I love are far from You,
Despite the hours of praying I do;
When my good friends my trust betray;
When others’ debts I’m forced to pay;
When I am scorned, and mocked, and jeered;
When my good name is wrongly smeared;
And when I am misunderstood,
Through all of that – are You still good?

When money’s low and bills are not;
When cars break down and houses rot;
When daily bread is hard to find;
When I seem to be flying blind;
When suits are filed and judgments passed;
When life is moving way too fast;
And when no one does what You would,
Then I question: are You still good?

When I see darkness in my soul;
When my heart longs to just be whole;
When a river of tears I’ve cried;
When my weak faith is greatly tried;
When I can’t feel Your presence near;
When I’m hounded by deadly fear;
When no joy’s found in brotherhood,
I need to know: are You still good?

When I lift up my eyes and see
My Savior dying on a tree;
His love for me holding Him there;
Of God’s full wrath, He takes my share.
His death gives me eternal life
Which will so soon be free from strife.
I see the nails and blood-soaked wood
And know for sure: You are still good.

-Nate W., SC


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