My Child

Keep Calm and Read a Modern Psalm Based on 1 John 3:1:

My precious child, I’ve watched you grow

And better than yourself I know
All that you are, every part–
Your mind and soul, body and heart.
Your whole being is My design,
And it’s My joy to call you Mine.
Because My Word you did believe
From in you I will never leave.
Often I’ve looked at you and smiled
Simply because you are My child.

I give you much that you desire,
Blessings you’re happy to acquire:
Redemption, taste buds, each new day,
The music you so sweetly play;
A quiet soul, a mind at rest;
Mercy, love, and peace through each test;
Family, clothes, food, and shelter;
Grace when life feels helter-skelter.
Many ways, differently styled,
That I bless you–you are My child.

I also bless in other ways
Like lonely nights and rainy days.
When all’s well, you tend not to grow
As much as when you do not know
How anything good could be yet
Found among loss, pain, and regret.
For now you must have times of grief,
Sometimes long, sometimes only brief.
Whether the weather’s fierce or mild,
I desire growth in you, My child.

I could give you a life of ease;
I can do whatever I please.
Yet my love cannot bid you stay
Exactly as you are today.
Since I seek your greatest good,
I do not do all that I could.
Many seek after the easy life,
But character’s refined in strife.
You will be tested and reviled;
I myself was. You are My child.

You may face slander, threats, and lies,
Or have to say some tough good-byes.
Life’s rarely fair and you may feel
As though some wounds will never heal.
Sometimes failure, loss, or despair
Will tell you I’m no longer there.
Disease, war, and death seem to reign
Over this planet filled with pain.
Though evil appears to be running wild,
I’ve not forgotten you, My child.

When you’re hurting, do not fear!
I always see each fragile tear.
Though at times you feel alone,
Every thought of yours I’ve known.
Though your answers may not match mine
I’ve listened to each prayer of thine.
When in guilt and shame you feel lost,
Do not forget Who paid sin’s cost.
When huge burdens on you are piled
I’ll carry you–you are My child.

Your life will never perfect be
Until you reach eternity.
And trust Me, that time will be worth
All the trials you’ve faced on Earth.
Sin forever locked in the past,
Pure fellowship restored at last!
Don’t give up! Keep running your race;
I’ll keep showering you with grace
Until I bring you, undefiled,
Into my arms. You are My child.

-Nate W., SC

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