Keep Calm and Read a Modern Psalm Based on Lamentations 3:22-26:

Patience: the trait where joy and wait
In any state collaborate
And so create thanks through one’s fate.
It’s not innate, so You in great
Love bid me wait.

I do desire what You require
But also tire of each trial’s fire
That must transpire just to acquire
Patience. Attire me free from ire
Though straits are dire.

For I compare what I must bear
With all my prayer and it is rare
That what’s found there seems to be fair.
Are you aware of what I share?
Do You not care?

‘Cause though I pray, Your hand You stay.
You still delay! Each day’s a fray:
Keep thoughts at bay, shine through the gray,
And find some way to mean and say
“Thank You” today.

They say that time will fly by fast,
But each day’s slower than the last.
They say all will turn out right;
So why can’t that happen tonight?
Must my life be always on hold?
Must answers wait til I grow old?

Many of my prayers sound like these.
I know God hears my earnest pleas;
He is not deaf to my heart’s cry.
But often “wait” is His reply.
What’s tough is I can only guess
When that “wait” will become a “yes.”

I know that God is up to good
And all will work out as it should.
But until then, it’s really tough
To live the truth that God’s enough.
Grief hangs over me like a cloud.
Pain can be incredibly loud.

Even so, this I call to mind:
God’s steadfast love will never cease;
Great is His faithfulness to me;
Amidst trouble He gives me peace.
Only by God’s grace can I stand
And I move by His strength alone.
The more I walk with you, my Lord,
The more I’ll find patience has grown.

-Nate W., SC

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