The Love Letter

 Well, Happy Valentine’s Day–a day for romance, roses, and really cheesy messages plastered to candy hearts that taste like toothpaste. Awe…

For today’s “Modern Psalm,” I decided to post one of my favorite of my poems, and it just so happens to go perfectly together with Valentine’s Day. Thus, I decided to title it, “The Love Letter.” When you remember on Valentine’s morning and grab the first card you can find and scribble a note, what do you say to your sweetheart? Well, often we tell them we love them–and why: “I love you for being so sweet to me or I love you for rubbing my blistered feet.” Whatever.

It seems David is doing that here in the first few verses of Psalm 18–rattling off a whole long list of what the God he loves is to him. And I’ve written a stanza for each of those attributes, plus a stanza of response. It’s set to the tune of “Good King Wenceslas” or “Joy Has Dawned.” Pick two or three stanzas that really speak to you and hum them throughout the day, singing or speaking your own love letter to God Almighty on this love-filled day.

Keep Calm and Read a Modern Psalm based on Psalm 18:1-3:

God, You are my mighty Rock,
When my faith is shaken,
When there’re many ‘round who balk,
And by fear are taken.
Yet on You I can rely,
Though the world is falling,
Though the danger draws so nigh,
Yet I hear You calling.

God, You are my strong Fortress
When my foes are pressing,
When I’m feeling so oppressed,
And I see no blessing.
Yet in You I can abide,
Though the world is warring,
Though the armies do collide,
Yet Your power is soaring.

God, You are Deliverer
When I am surrounded,
When nothing seems familiar,
And I face a mountain.
Yet in You help can be seen,
Though man disappoints me,
Though my life seems full of fiends,
Yet none can o’ercome me.

God, You are my God, my Strength
When I don’t feel trusting,
When fierce trials come at length,
And my power is nothing.
Yet on You I can depend,
Though the world is draining,
Though I see no strength ahead,
Yet You are sustaining.

God, You are my mighty Shield,
When I am assaulted,
When the devil, darts he wields,
And sin is exalted.
Yet behind You I can be,
Though faced with an Accuser,
Though he seems to conquer me,
Yet he is the loser.

God, You are my blowing horn,
When I feel so little,
When for loved ones I do mourn,
And my faith is brittle.
Yet on Your horn I can blow,
Though I have no helper,
Though I have no friends to show,
Yet You’re there each hour.

God, You are my High Tower,
When I need a refuge,
When the mighty storm has power,
And there is a deluge.
Yet in You I will be safe,
Though the torrent rises,
Though I see no other way,
Yet Your love surprises.

God, right now I’ll call on You,
Worthy of my praise
And by You I will be saved,
And stand in Christ amazed.
For all the things You are to Me,
Though I’m greatly flawed,
What can my response be
But “I’ll love You, God!”

-Matthew W., SC


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