Keep Calm and Read a Modern Psalm Based on Psalm 111:

With my whole heart I enter here;
Among the saints I praise
The Works of You who conquered fear–
To You this heart I raise.
Your works are glorious and great,
A study of delight.
I long to dwell on every trait
From morning until night.

So full of splendor is Your way;
Your righteousness won’t end.
How memorably You work each day
And me in mercy tend.
To break Your covenant You can’t;
To provide needs You can.
Each day Your power to me You grant
To reach the Promised Land.

Your Grip is strong and fully just;
Your Hands hold faithfulness.
For all my days Your Works I’ll trust
Through all their endlessness.
You’ve sent redemption to all men
Addressed with sure command.
Your Name is Holy without end.
I know in Christ I’ll stand.

To begin wisdom I must fear
The One who redeemed me.
To follow You makes life so clear
When my mind Your Son frees.
For wisdom finds its birth in You.
In fearing You I’ll know:
That beyond earth’s so clouded view
My Praise will only grow.

-Matthew W., SC


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