More Than Enough

Recently, I hath been turning Shakespearean and hath been writing a lot of poetry. Yea verily, I found some friends who can also write great poetry. Hark! Rhyme and meter are simple ways to express thoughts and praise to the Lord. And without any more “‘eths,” I decided that I would post each Friday a “Keep Calm and Read a Modern Psalm.” Not that these poems are inspired–certainly not! But they are a psalm in that they are poetry and perhaps one day songs. Each will be based on a specific Scripture passage. I hope thou enjoyeth! It’s a great way to end the week, reflecting on all God has done and reflecting that praise up at Him.

Keep Calm and Read a Modern Psalm based on Romans 6 and 1 Peter 2:11:

More Than Enough

As each day dawns there’s war within
My blasted, besieged frame.
A war to choose God or choose sin–
Tomorrow I’ll face the same.
And as my members struggle in
The fight for my domain,
I hear each side their case present,
Why I should let them reign–
Whether the world with latest trend,
Or God with Lamb that’s slain.”

The world comes first with fun-filled grin.
They laugh as they proclaim,
“Serving God brings joy so thin,
As you find your plans fade.
Why would you let a God so grim
Steal all your dreams away?”
But God, with love for sinful men,
Is not afraid to say,
“Yes, plans may die without consent,
But My joy’ll always stay.”

The world replies, “We give more fun!”
While God makes greater claim.
While they accuse Him, “You are grim,”
He stands in joy arrayed.
And while I long the world to join,
I see where ends their play.
In sullenness and hope so dim,
They’ll end each fun-filled day.
While I my pleasure find in Him,
And find it there to stay.

While all my friends are giving in
To world and flesh this day,
The battle turns in my heart’s din,
As I so boldly say,
“I am no longer slave to sin.
In Arms of Love I’ll stay.
You can think you’ll surely win,
But Christ has won this day.
On Cross He sang the victor’s hymn,
As sin and lust gave way.”

The battle’s o’er as day begins,
As world is sent away.
For God gives more than fun within,
More than the world’s fun game.
By empty tomb I find a Friend,
A Friend to Whom I pray,
“O Christ, You are more than enough
More than enough today.
Whether my life is smooth or rough,
I’ll choose Your joyful Way.”

-Matthew W., SC


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