What’s Keep Calm and Read a Psalm?

Keep Calm and Read a Psalm 71:15:

“My mouth shall tell of Your righteousness
And Your salvation all the day,
For I do not know their limits.”

Such is my prayer for this blog–telling God’s unlimited righteousness and salvation. Hey, I’m very glad you found this blog! My purpose here is to offer comfort to those who believe in Jesus as they seek to follow Him along their life’s path. Let me explain…

This all started last year after a chapel message by Dr. Bob Jones III on Psalm 71. I saw some great comforting thoughts in the passage and that night, I read it before I went to bed. From that point onward, I decided to read a Psalm every night before bed. What a great way to close the day! Well, one day while reading, I decided to put some encouraging verses from Psalms on Facebook.

Then, a thought occurred to me: I’ll preface it with: “Keep Calm and Read a Psalm.” You’ve probably heard of “Keep Calm and Carry On.” This is a spin off that…and it rhymes! I thought it was quite clever (although I’m sure someone came up with it before me). Regularly, I posted some verses from Psalms with that catchphrase and received lots of comments from people who found the verses just what they needed. I was shocked. It was a simple thing, yet God was at work through His Word, and I had little to do with it.

This year, one of my New Year’s Resolutions is to write a blog weekly. I received good feedback from my Christmas blog “Christmas Made Known” and was praying about doing one throughout the year. The Lord seemed to direct me to carry on my study of Psalms, in a new and fresh way. So, here it is!

At this point, the blog will be released every Monday morning and include a format similar to this one: one or two Psalm verses to begin, followed by exposition, explanation, analogy, humor, and lots and lots of encouragement! I’ll try to keep it very short, for the busy Monday mornings.

But I hope it’ll be a great way to begin the week, reflecting on who God is and how much He loves you! And you won’t just be hearing from me–my plan is to involve several of my friends in writing blog entries. At the side of this page, you can subscribe to this blog by email and see it appear in your inbox every Monday.

But as I begin this new blog and this New Year, I reflected on all God had done and will do and recorded my thoughts in poetry. I think it encapsulates the comfort I will try to include on this blog.

Looking behind I see the One
Who understood my pain.
You gave me grace when I had none,
And showed Your love so plain.
Looking behind I see You were
So merciful to me.
I don’t deserve You, that’s for sure–
I think I finally see:

All those times I thought were bad
Were really in Your plan.
All those times my heart grew sad
Were known by the Son of Man.

Looking ahead I see a Man
The same as yesterday.
The same since history began
And forever is the same.
Looking ahead I see the One
Who loves me every step.
From early dawn to setting sun,
You’ll never me forget.

All those times I’ll think are wrong
Will really turn out right.
All those times my heart will long
Are known to a God of might.

Looking above I see the dawn
The dawn of eternity.
My pain is gone, my sin withdrawn,
I’m full of serenity.
Looking above I see the Face
The One Who rescued me.
He loved me through my life’s cruel race
And now I can fully see:
All those times my heart cried out
Are gone with all my tears.
All those times my strength wore out
Are gone when I see Christ clear.
-Matthew W., SC

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